7 responses to “Artikel p200ns.wp Dikomen ama Native

  1. artinya apa bro? ane nggak bisa bahasa linggis (hehe malu nih sama India yang begitu mendunia di manapun berada, bahkan di forum/blog lokalnya sendiri)

  2. Very great information ahmed.

    Many people in Indonesia think that The Japs had offered us the best product with the best price. And because of that they set up maximum profit margin on each product. For me The Japs offer us just mid class product with expensive price aka overprice.

    When Bajaj came up with the good pricing policy, people (or The japs people) thinks that Bajaj doesnt come up with the good prduct. So basicly it is only about brand image, people that thinking bajaj offer low quality product can not prove it anyway.

    Maybe the situation is quite different in India. The japs couldnt overpice the product like here. There is a good competition between Indian and Japs product.

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