Think for a Secondary Bike

This morning, when ready for work, light rain was fell. Yes I have to wait until the rain let up a new set. If the rain did not let up too huh wear raincoat.

Even just a light rain, p200ns.wp sure that the streets will be wet. Just a ‘tight’ to leave office arrived, thank God the rain stopped. Do not need to wear Raincoat neh hehe ……

But looking at the rain had just subsided, p200ns.wp sure that the streets will be ‘becyek’ :mrgreen: So prepare the p200ns.wp’s rain vehicle. New HSX 125 PGM FI Helmet In that is regularly used by my wife xixixi… Glide p200ns.wp with ducks safely to the office office.

Lha why not use your Nininfi mzbro? The reason is simple, I wont let my new bike dirty with road mud all over my bike hehe ….

Then  there is lightly chat. p200ns.wp had experienced riding Ninja 250 in the rain. Once arrived at the destination …. bussetttt bujubuneng my backpack is full of mud just like a soldier backpack who got home after a war lol ……

From that p200ns.wp found if rainy conditions, it is more convenient not to ride nininfi.  When we go home it does not matter, but it will be a problem if you got to the office and you find that you in a heavy mud how it would be….? 🙂

A moment later it occurred … “The second motorcycle …?” While  sucking nicotine in depth…. :mrgreen:


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